About the Council District 8 Community Based Organization Grant Fund
Background information

The CD8 Community Based Organization Grant Fund is now available to provide resources to eligible non-profit organizations based in and serving the residents of Council District Eight (CD8). The CD8 Community Based Organization Grant Fund was created in response to events in Minneapolis, Minnesota which sparked a global reaction and the demand to shift resources toward public safety, violence prevention, and public health approaches to community-based organizations. The reinvestment of funds from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to impacted communities resulted in $4.2 million in resources. Council District Eight will distribute grants from $5,000 to $75,000 to eligible organizations that are based in and provide a range of services and benefits to the residents of Council District Eight.

Grant applications are now being accepted. Applicants may apply for funding that supports efforts ranging from advocacy and the arts to education, health, mental health, re-entry, recreation and sports, neighborhood organizing and civic engagement, and food and nutrition. Grant requests can also support core operating and project support without the expectation of developing new services.

Grants are intended for community-based organizations with annual budgets less than $5million that address:

  • Violence prevention and intervention
  • Blight reduction
  • Youth development
  • Substance abuse and treatment
  • Domestic violence prevention and intervention
  • Public health education and services
  • Homeless support services
  • Job skills development
  • Business development, and
  • Mental health services