Frequently Asked Questions
A community grants program recognizes and supports the mission and existing work of eligible organizations. Grants can provide core operating support or project support without expecting organizations to develop new services. The grant is intended to benefit community residents and is generally designed to support small to mid-sized organizations who are visible and focused on addressing the needs of residents at the neighborhood or community level.
Funds are available beginning February 2022 and organizations may apply as soon as there is a grant application ready to be submitted. Applicants are responsible for submitting grant applications specifically for the CD8 grant fund and in accordance with its guidelines and requirements.
Organizations with annual budgets greater than $50,000 will need to provide their most recent 990 filing and acceptable financial statements in lieu of an audit in concordance with IRS Exempt Organization Annual Filing Requirements . Organizations with budgets less than $50,000 annually will need to submit appropriate bank statements and financial compilation prepared by an accountant verifying income and expenses in the most recent fiscal year.
Grants are reviewed on a rolling basis with no specific deadline for applicants to submit. Grant awards will be made throughout the year until available funds are expended.
Successful applicants will receive a Grant Agreement Letter (GAL) specifying the terms and conditions of the grant. Once the grant agreement letter is signed by the Executive Director and Board Chair and returned to the CD8 Fund’s fiscal manager, a check will be issued within ten business days.
Organizations experiencing challenges in completing their grant goals would be expected to notify the Management Assistance Consultants in a very timely manner. Consultants will work with the organization to modify grant agreements, provide no-cost extensions or to reach a win-win outcome.
A webinar for applicants was held on February 16 that addressed questions posed by organizations interested in applying. The recording from that webinar is available below.
It is possible to participate via e-mail and telephone by appointment only after attending the Applicant Information Webinar.
Yes. We are making every effort to provide information in Spanish and have Spanish speaking staff available.
It is not possible to submit an application in Spanish at this time. Please contact the Management Assistance Consultant if support is needed.
Organizations may apply as a coalition or collaborative however there must be a lead agency to fulfill the grant application requirements, sign grant documents and hold responsibility for use of funds in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement.
The applicant organization must provide the name and contact information for the person authorized by the Board of Directors to act on behalf of the organization; it can be a volunteer or one who receives minimal compensation (e.g $1.00 per year) to act in the executive capacity.
For grants of 12 months duration there is a narrative report expected at the end of six months; budget and financial reports will be requested according to the terms of the grant.
There is no formal grant evaluation requirement however it is expected that the organization will provide some assessment of what grant funds were used for, what was accomplished and whether the organization has indicators of success in use of grant funds. There must be final narrative and budget report to satisfactorily close out a grant and for the organization to be eligible for subsequent grants should funds be available.
It is expected that between 40 and 75 organizations will receive funds however there is no fixed number of grants required to be funded.